Welcome to the Official Site of Long Beach Troop 74. This is a complete online resource for leaders, parents and scouts of Long Beach Troop 74. Here everyone can be updated on the latest news & events, and have access to all the necessary checklists & forms.

Long Beach Troop 74
Troop 74 is organized in accordance with BSA guidelines. Typically, troops are “chartered” or sponsored by a civic or religious organization. Troop 74 is chartered by Los Altos United Methodist Church.
For the complete Troop 74 Operating Guidelines and Information Packet refer to the Forms section or download it here.

Uniform Policy
Scouts should wear their uniform for all Scouting activities. Encourage your Scout to comply. An entire uniform, referred to as “Class A,” is required for Courts of Honor, the first Troop Meeting of each month, and some outings. Otherwise, “Class B,” attire may be worn.

Los Altos Methodist Church Parking Lot. Please contact the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair for details as meetings are subject to change based on current health orders.
Troop 74 meetings are held weekly from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM every Monday at Los Altos United Methodist Church. Parents are responsible for arranging transportation for their Scouts. Parents are responsible for their own child’s safety before and after the Scout meeting. Do not leave your Scout at the meeting place if no adult leader is present. Scouts are not permitted to loiter outside during meetings; if the scout does not report to the meeting, Troop 74 is not responsible for them.
Scouts are expected to bring their Scout Handbook, paper, and pencil or pen to each meeting. Requirements completed during the meeting may be signed-off in the Handbook. Although the Adult Leaders will provide informative flyers from time to time, it is the responsibility of the Scout to write down and keep track of upcoming assignments and events.
During the summer, Troop 74 continues to meet at a local park or other location. Typically, these meetings are social in nature and do not follow a structured format. For example, a game of adults vs. Scouts softball game might be planned.

Courts of Honor
Troop 74 conducts four Courts of Honor per year to recognize the Scouts’ hard work in September, December, March, and June. Courts of Honor are family affairs and parents are encouraged to attend to honor the boys for their achievements. Other significant adults (teachers, family friends, extended family, etc.) may also be invited. Scouts must be in Class A uniform to obtain badges and advancements. Typically, the Court of Honors start at 6:15 PM with a potluck, with ceremonies starting around 7:15 PM. All are asked to help cleaning up after the Court.

Troop 74 is committed to providing a program that meets BSA ideals, and the interest of the Scouts. Rather than concentrating on a single aspect of the BSA program, Troop 74 traditionally has participated in a wide range of activities. For example, we may only go on one backpacking trip in a year, but that allows time for rock climbing, fishing, shooting, cooking, canoeing, etc. However, the outdoors remains our focus and we attempt to go camping (backpacking or tailgate) at least five times per year in addition to summer camp.
In preparing the annual calendar, the Senior Patrol Leader will canvas the troop for desired events and hold a Patrol Leader Council annually for the following year’s calendar. This includes monthly outings, summer camp, and many of the details for the weekly troop meetings. The Patrol Leader Council also plans some back-up activities in case plans fall through. The Troop Committee will consider the Scout’s desire for an annual program with respect to the ability to support the program. Once the Troop Committee approves the calendar of events, the calendar will be printed and distributed.

Summer camp
To give Scouts the opportunity to achieve BSA goals for long-term camping, Troop 74 attends one week of camp at an approved BSA facility during the summer. It has been a Troop 74 policy not to repeat summer camp at the same facility two summers in succession. This assures variety in the troop’s objectives for long-term camping and affords Scouts the opportunity to experience different camp programs. However, the Troop allows the Scout’s to select a camp through the Patrol Leader’s Council. If the Scouts desire, the Troop must attend Camp Tahquitz for Scouts 14 and over to join the Long Beach Area Council’s Tribe of Tahquitz.
Scouts that are not members in good standing are not permitted to attend summer camp.
Visitors from other Troops may join Troop 74 with summer camp providing 1) the Scoutmaster agrees, 2) there is an opening so that someone from Troop 74 would not be “bumped”, 3) the Scout has permission from his Scoutmaster, and 4) the Scout is a member in good standing with his Troop.
Please refer to the Troops Calendar and News sections to keep up to date with all upcoming meetings and events. For even more information refer to the Forms section with a collection of Troop 74 forms and the Links section with a full list of official BSA links. If you have any other questions please refer to the Contact section to get in touch with any one of the scout leaders.